Animal Policy

Dear guests,

As We love our customers and their pets also. In the hotel we are allowing dogs with up to 3 kg.
There are a few requirements that you should familiarize with before booking your stay with pet:

- Guests must first indicate in their reservation that they will be with a pet

- We require a one-time pet fee of BGN 60, which is charged for each stay of 5 days. Upon expiration of this stay, if you wish to extend your holiday, a fee of BGN 60 is again charged.

- In the lobby and the common parts of the hotel, the pets must be in your hands, you are not allowed to walk around with it.

- The pet should not be left unattended.

- Pets are not allowed in the restaurant.

- Eating a pet is done only in dedicated bowls and pads to them - in the absence of your own, the hotel can provide you with.

- Any violations must be terminated to ensure that other guests are not disturbed.

- The guest is responsible for all property damage and / or personal injury resulting from the pet.

- The hotel reserves the right to charge the account of the room, the value of the non-deductible damage.

Thank you for choosing us! We will take care of everything else :)

Price: 60 BGN